Missing Child PSA



Israel United in Christ (“IUIC”) has learned through local news reports that a missing child was located on Wednesday evening after being dropped off at a Las Vegas area church, which we understand to be Portals to Glory Church of God in Christ. We celebrate the recovery of this child and pray for her well-being.

Recent local news reports, however, have mis-construed IUIC’s involvement into the investigation of the missing child. For the sake of clarity, IUIC provides the following statement:

It recently came to IUIC’s attention that there was an ongoing investigation into the disappearance of an approximately four-month old child. Per local news reports and information provided by the relevant authorities, the parents of this child are Nicholios Nealy and Octavia Jackson.

Pursuant to the information provided to us by local law enforcement, it is our understanding that we were contacted because, at some point following his arrest, Mr. Nealy referenced his involvement in a “Black Hebrew Israelite” church. IUIC is not a “Black Hebrew Israelite” church. Regardless, upon being contacted by local law enforcement, IUIC conducted an internal review to determine if Mr. Nealy or Ms. Jackson had any involvement with IUIC. They did not.

IUIC cooperated fully with law enforcement and communicated that: (1) Mr. Nealy and Ms. Jackson were not members of IUIC; (2) IUIC has no record of Mr. Nealy or Ms. Jackson being involved in IUIC in any capacity; and (3) that IUIC has no knowledge or information related to the whereabouts of the missing child.

IUIC demands an immediate retraction by any and all news organizations or other media outlets who have inaccurately reported with respect to IUIC’s involvement into the investigation referenced above.

IUIC will continue to fully cooperate with law enforcement in their investigation by providing any additional information it obtains that may be helpful in this regard. At this time, however, IUIC has no additional information to provide and will have no further comment related to the investigation.


Statement on missing child


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