Destruction of Nicanor


In the hundred and one and fiftieth year, there lived a wicked Israelite named Alcimus, who greatly desired to be set up as High Priest over Israel. Alcimus went to King Demetrius and made wicked accusations against Judas, also called Maccabees, and his men, to the King.

King Demetrius commissioned Nicanor, who was one of his honorable Princes, because he had a deadly hate for the Nation of Israel, and wanted to destroy them.

Nicanor went to the holy temple that Solomon built, and demanded that the priest deliver Judas Maccabees to him. When the priest swore that they did not know where Judas was, Nicanor stretched out his right hand toward the temple, and made an oath saying, “If ye will not deliver me Judas as a prisoner, I will lay this temple of God even with the ground, and I will break down the altar, and erect a notable temple unto Bacchus (a Greek God),” II Maccabees 14:31-33; “Unless Judas and his host be now delivered into my hands, if ever I come again in safety, I will burn up this house…” I Maccabees 7:35.

Then the day came when Nicanor came against Israel with an innumerable host. Having elephants girded for battle encompassed by weapons round about and they were strategically placed for war, and the horsemen were placed at the wings of the army. Judas led the small army of Israel against them with prayer. And slew the incredible host.
2 Maccabees 15:28: ”Now when the battle was done, returning again with joy, they knew that Nicanor lay dead in his harness.”
Verse 29: ”Then they made a great shout and a noise, praising the Almighty in their own language.” Verse 30: ”And Judas, who was ever the chief defender of the citizens both in body and mind, and who continued his love toward his countrymen all his life, commanded to strike off Nicanor’s head, and his hand with his shoulder, and bring them to Jerusalem.”
2 Maccabees 15:32: ”And shewed them vile Nicanor’s head, and the hand of that blasphemer, which with proud brags he had stretched out against the holy temple of the Almighty.”
Verse 33: ”And when he had cut out the tongue of that ungodly Nicanor, he commanded that they should give it by pieces unto the fowls, and hang up the reward of his madness before the temple.”
Verse 34: ”So every man praised toward the heaven the glorious Lord, saying, Blessed be he that hath kept his own place undefiled.”
Verse 35: ”He hanged also Nicanor’s head upon the tower, an evident and manifest sign unto all of the help of the Lord.”

The people rejoiced this day with great gladness and praise to the Most High for keeping his temple undefiled. This day, the thirteenth day of the month Adar, was ordained to be kept yearly with great celebration.

Finally, the scripture does not state that the day of Nicanor is a Sabbath where no buying, selling or servile work is permitted.

The complete story of Nicanor can be found in the following books and chapters: I Maccabees 7th chapterII Maccabees 14:3-46,II Maccabees 8:1-36 and II Maccabees 15:1-36

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