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Shalom, and Peace to my Brothers and Sisters.

In recent times, we have been experiencing what is perceived to be an escalating level of deaths caused to our people by the hand and might of this society’s police. With the advent of cellphones, police body cameras, and the internet… The images of such incidents provided by the general media suggests command of our attention.

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By absolutely no means would any sane-minded person categorize these particular incidents as anything less than Seriously Alarming. However, these particular incidents, which are staggeringly disproportionate, only points, or commands our attention to a small part of a much larger-whole problem.

The “larger-whole problem” involves our Total Imagery, which is better understood as our Reputation; our Imagery: meaning, How we are seen, and how we are perceived. More importantly our Self-Imagery, which defines how we see ourselves, and how we see each other… How we see our fellow Brothers and Sisters. The Image we have of ourselves as a collective, is infact, Negative.

The mere wrestling with this problem can, and often do, leave many of our people with a mental psychological (or spiritual) frustration, which in turn leads to a “misplaced aggression” type of answer to this whole problem, whereas, we as a people continue to miss the marked target of the problem cause.

Amazingly, this “misplaced aggression” of our people is usually fused together with Religious, and Spiritual leaders who usually have in their possession, The Holy Bible, which are the words of the Almighty. Yet the Almighty’s words seems to never be sought for in bringing or providing the solution to our people’s problem.

 Inside the Holy Bible, The Almighty God says, he had, “Declared the end-time from the beginning…” -Isa.46:10. He also says that “His Council (his words) Shall Stand”…. Our people are known by The Almighty, in the Holy Bible, as The 12 Tribes of the Nation of Israel. We are the Nation that The Almighty God had our forefather Moses bring to us his “Holy Commandments”. Those commandments were given to us on a conditional basis. We were to receive blessings for our obedience to these commandments, and consequently, we would receive curses for our disobedience to these same commandments. Christ, the son of the Almighty died on the cross as “The Lamb of Sacrifice” for the Atonement of sins committed by our Nation of Israel. This Redemption is given, and extended to us,… well into his 2nd Coming as we return to our keeping (obeying) of these Holy Commandments through the Faith in Christ; who being, “Our Atonement”.

Our People who seek to operate and sojourn in this captivity without the knowledge of who they are, and also not knowing what’s required of them as a Nation, have left them (us) as like children trapped in a foreign country being left to our own sinful devices, who are unable to understand the language of that country, but yet still trying to interpret that same language, to figure out “freedom” from their (our) problems. As a result, they come up with “solutions” that do not work.

Marching, Voting, Burning Candles, Begging for Justice, Rioting, Burning down the communities where we “must live”, etc. has not worked. We only feel a quick surge of “power” which only lasts as long as the burning flames. When the flames burn out, and reality sets in. And immediately, we find ourselves left with nothing. Then we shamefully (as if we are going to our parents) begin begging  White America” (for allowances,.. and to rebuild) all over again. This “misplaced aggression” is no solution to our people’s problem. We must learn that the keeping of all God’s Commandments through Christ is absolutely the key in solving all of our problems….. (The commandments on sacrificing animals of course, is no longer required, nor are they in effect, because of, The “LAMB” being Christ, was in fact, The Last Sacrifice.)

All of the remaining commandments in the Holy Bible are incorporated and summed up in two (2) scriptures in the New Testament. “… Love the Lord thy God with all thy mind,…” and, “Love thy neighbor as thyself…”  -Matthew 22:36-40.   Incidentally, our people as a whole, DO NOT understand the actual application of these two (2) commandments, although they are very, “Religious”.

 The Proper Application of these two commandments involves and requires “Discipline”, and more importantly “Self-Discipline” which is something that our people are not generally taught, Especially in Church. The Church System of this society for the most part tells our people, “Come as you are….” And remain as you are, No spiritual change is required. This is evident by the way our people currently live. Examine this; Billions in collective outside spending, and yet we must, as a collective beg and plead for justice. This makes absolutely no sense.

The Holy Bible states, “For the Leaders of this People cause them to err… and they that are led of them are destroyed.” -Isaiah 9:16.

“For MY people are destroyed for the Lack of Knowledge”… -Hosea 4:6

Our people are to seek “Knowledge” from the Leaders, Where knowledge is the Law,… The Commandments of God) -Malachi 2:7.

Because of our constant disobedience in keeping God’s Commandments, we ultimately end up suffering from the effects of “Negative Self-Imagery”, which will be, and currently is, the lens we see ourselves through. This is the  rendered result from the non-keeping of all of our Civil, Moral, Ceremonial, and Dietary Laws, and Customs, given to us by God through our forefather Moses.

“Negative Self-Imagery” is the result of us as a collective, who, being not Disciplined enough to demand and enforce “Justice” (meaning the keeping and applying of God’s Commandments) among ourselves, this has led to our terrorized reality we live in. Being killed (murdered) at “point-blank range” for “fleeing the scene” after being pulled over for not having a front-mounted license plate on a vehicle he was driving, is an act of terror, where many of our people (even in their being totally innocent) now feel a sense of terror whenever they are pulled over. This act, as many “other acts” are the result(s) of our collective disobedience to God’s Commandments”….Where The Lord  said ,… “Our lives shall hang in doubt,… We shall fear Day and Night, and we shall have none assurance of our lives.”-Deuteronomy 28:66.

The Curses of Deuteronomy 28th Chapter is upon our people. -Hosea 5:15 is also upon our people, where the Lord said that “He would afflict our people until we as a people return” and repent of their (our) sins through Christ’s blood as it was shed for us… Israel.

With all of the money we wastefully spend, We should at the least, be able to “police” our own communities, as the other nations do in their own communities. But we don’t. Because we as a people won’t (will not) repent. Repentance will eventually teach us how to be a Great, Respectable People, and Nation, that will be able to “police” itself. Without this repentance, we will remain at the bottom.

The consequence of our non-repentance has allowed our morals, and civility towards each other to decline,… Which could only mean that our image, or “imagery” will also likewise decline.

Our enemies (all of the other nations, by whom we are Hated…-Matthew 24:9) took advantage of our collective decline, by broadcasting our negative imagery all over the earth.

As our image (negative imagery) was being reflected back towards us, (in movies, television, news, education, religion, and even music, etc.), our people unknowingly, and reactively,… and being beguiled by our enemies, (the nations), began to reinforce and mimic that same imagery… to the point where a merely “falsely-spiked” propaganda perception (and image) of being the “poster-board criminal”, actually became our eventual spiritual, and even physical destruction, and also became our moral downward spiral into this shameful reality. Because of this, “our perception” became “our standard” by which we measure ourselves against. We end up hating ourselves, and hating each other. We don’t respect ourselves, nor do we respect each other.

There are many different “educating mediums” (named above) which teaches us our “Negative Self-Imagery”. These “mediums” work as a collective for one common purpose; “To keep the Nation of Israel Oppressed, and to be Exploited”. With our acceptance of this Negative Self-Imagery as being our Reality, the obvious question arises. How then can we expect others to respect us. That’s why they “shoot first”, “choke first”, “beat first”, etc. This will continue to be our reality, because our enemies know that we are a disconnected and confused, undisciplined, and rebellious people. We also, more importantly are a people, a nation without our unifying base… The Holy Bible.



Join us! There is so much more to learn in understanding the causes of so many of the ills which afflicts our people. If you are weary, learn to repent and come rest with us, as we rest with our Leader, Christ.



Shalom Deacon Yawasap
IUIC New York



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