So you heard you're an Israelite?

YHWH; The Lord of Heaven and Earth named us Israel, we are his chosen people. The Israelites received the commandments under Moses and broke the laws of the Most High. As a result, we went into slavery, being renamed Negroes, Hispanics and Native Indians FOR EXAMPLE. The Israelites have been scattered throughout North, Central, South America, the West Indies and the four corners of the world. The 12 Tribes of Israel are those whose fore parents share our collective suffering for the past 400 years of the most cruel and barbaric form of slavery ever devised according to Deuteronomy 28:15-68. During which time we were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world.

Solomon prophesied in prayer about us in 1 Kings 8:46-51. That if we remember that we are The Israelites and repent of our sins by keeping God’s commandments, in the lands of our captivity that the Lord will have mercy upon us and Deliver us. The Deliverer came in the flesh and was called Jesus, the Christ [in English]. Acts 5:31 says “Him hath God exalted with his right hand to be a Prince and a savior, for to give repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins.? Israel United in Christ teaches the entire Bible; the Old testament including the Apocrypha, and the new testament, using plainess of speech. We are available for counseling at your convenience and Prayer requests, as well as seminars to the edification of all. We know the Lord shall gather together in ONE the children of God that are scattered abroad, as it is written.

Israel United in Christ, inc. was founded in 2003. Our goal is to change the hearts and minds of our people. Blacks and Hispanics must learn the truth that they are the Biblical 12 tribes of the nation of Israel. Disobedience to God’s laws have been the root of all our troubles. Blacks and Hispanics everywhere suffer the same racial, social, economic problems world wide. Voting has not helped us, Christian churches have failed us. It’s time for a change. In these last days we must give the bibles medicine to a sin sick people, then and only then will things begin to change.


Elder Nathanyel


21 thoughts on “So you heard you're an Israelite?

  1. Natalie Warner says:

    I came upon your television program – I am listening.

  2. Rev. Dr. Adam Troche says:

    Why is your website blocked, this does not allow neither Blacks nor hispanics past on the powerful information on to those in ghettos. Not everyone has a computer, reads or writes. People like I and you can print this information and make our misssion to get it out to the streets were it matters and can save souls from the ignorance of the world, and its secret sect. i am Puerto rican and the site on Ephriam and Manessah is vital information i can share with the ignorant in my peoples to awaken them. Please forward me a copy of the information on the website, our peoples need to be presented with such wisdom. I pray you understand and that I hear from you soon! GOD BLESS. Shalom from BORIQUE Tribe of Ephriam. Bless you my brother. I have 3 documentaries in you tube if interested, you can type in the youtube search bar revtroful, Documentary presents the secret sect from day one until now.

  3. Jerry says:

    Since I’ve been in the truth now for a month and a half, I’m filled with joy to be a part of IUIC. I’ve came to the understanding that I am an Israelite, a child of God. It feels so good to be home. MHNCB all of us in our journeys to be the light of the world. All Praises to the Most High!!!

    1. John says:

      Praises to the Most High and Christ. I have MUCH!!! Joy when our people find the truth and especially when they repent and serve him.

  4. R. Israel - Chicago says:

    Excellent !

  5. Gabriel Zerubbabel Israel says:

    Thats right!

  6. Lost one says:

    Idk what to believe anymore…. So confusing

  7. Justin Paul Hopple says:

    So what…if I’m white I can’t b a soldier in Christ…your brother in being saved by the blood of Christ..are the Israelites united in Christ..agains me a white man being a part of Israel united in Christ? Help me understand then…

    1. Elder Nathanyel says:

      If your a so called white man then you are an Edomite, a descendant of Esau. You can not be a soldier of Christ, Matthew 15:24 ” I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel”.
      Understand this camp follows the scriptures, this is not a democracy. But There is a camp out there that accepts Edomites, hell you can even read and teach with them. Have fun.

  8. BroB says:

    No Caucasian will be saved…And there is no such thing as a “SPIRITUAL ISRAELITE” so get over it…The Caucasian has had his HEAVEN ON EARTH, they have stolen, robbed, lied, disenfranchised and killed to have the pleasures they have (Especially) here in AmeriKKKa…So any EDOMITE who get’s it in his Bungee Cord Jumping, Rave Party, Kenneth Copeland thieving lying head that they will enter into the kingdom of HEAVEN does not really know the BIBLE and should just keep on being the CAVE DWELLING TRASH THEY WERE MEANT TO BE….SHALOM FAMILY !!

  9. KAY JACKSON says:

    I BELIEVE!!!!!

  10. mendy says:

    Wonderful read…i was lost…but slowly I’m finding

  11. JP says:

    I have a request for teaching….Can you brothers do a lesson on the Book of Enoch. It is a book that is also a part of the Bible but I never hear you guys mention it. the Apocrypha, Book of Josephus and the Book of Enoch should be be discussed more. I appreciate it brothers and I look forward to your weekly lessons as you post them. Shalom.

  12. Azariah Ben Israel says:

    To all the brothers n elders in the camps, I just want to say, yall are the truth!!! And I can’t wait to get the knowledge and understanding to teach!! I can’t wait to swing my sword!! Yah bring it out every sabbath n everyday in the classroom, so I’m greatful that I was exposed to this truth,I just thank the most high for giving me the ears to hear and the eyes to see, and pray he keep me on track!! Shalom Israel!!

  13. Valerie Lindsey says:

    I asked a question about the teaching that Joseph is Yahusha’s father. I asked a response to the Feast of Unleavened Bread in conjunction with the prophecy in Isaiah 7, of the ‘sign’ of the virgin. The bread being ‘unleavened’ means without sin. Is not the sacrifice supposed to be without spot or blemish? If Joseph is Yashua’s father, then he would carry Adam’s seed of sin, he would be of corruptible sin? Please respond.

  14. danyon says:

    Hello I have found out that I am a descendant of Gad thanks to you men and my own reading of the bible (I am geechee Indian and Cherokee indian). Anyways, I had a question I plan on joining the online classes but how do I get to become a member of Israelites United in Christ and do missions with other members?? Thanks!!

    1. Ramiah says:

      Shalom Danyon. All Praises to the Most High you’ve found your true nationality. As for becom ing a memeber you need to watch our online classes consistantly for 3 months and be in communication with the Leaders over your state.

      1. danyon says:

        I live in Ohio. I didn’t see anyone for Ohio. So which leaders should I become in contact with?

  15. danyon says:

    I was trying to find out who the leaders I can get in contact with over Ohio. If anyone can help me it would be great! I need to know so if I have to relocate then I will.
    Danyon Williams

  16. Ebony says:

    All praises to the most high! Coming to know this knowledge is a beautiful thing. Thank you Most High for helping my husband and I find the truth and who we are.

  17. danyon says:

    How do u create a user login I can’t figure it out. Also how do u view classes.. I registered and haven’t received any more info. Thanks

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Israel United in Christ, inc. was founded in 2003. Our goal is to change the hearts and minds of our people. Blacks and Hispanics must learn the truth that they are the Biblical 12 tribes of the nation of Israel.
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