"Our History is in the Bible" Billboard Campaign

I looked at the American Atheist billboard…a billboard entitled “slaves obey your masters” with an image of a black man with a yoke of iron on his neck. It was meant to shock our people, meant to turn us from the word of God. Make us hate the Bible. But when I looked at it I saw a vision….a way to show our identity, a way to prove the Bible is our history book. I thought about Proverbs 29: 18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” In class I revealed what the Most High layed upon my soul and a few people understood and were inspired. Simeon, Levi and Marataza looked into prices and Bezaleel came with a design. The first design was the same image of a Blackman with a yoke of iron upon his neck. That design was rejected because of alleged “controversy” it would cause, so we came up with a new one… with slave ships. Prayers were sent up and the design was accepted. May 15, 2012 the billboard was set up at Ih– 10 east martin luther king drive, San Antonio Texas. All praises to the Most High. But like anything else, new levels new devils. I thank the Most High for using us to help wake up the 12 tribes of the nation of Israel. Peace-Elder Nathanyel Ben Israel.

10 thoughts on “"Our History is in the Bible" Billboard Campaign

  1. Pamela says:

    Praises to the MOST HIGH!!!

  2. Ya'akob Rizpah says:

    This is truly a marvelous work. All Praises to the Most High Yah!

  3. All Praises, Great Job Indeed I.U.I.C., MHNCBU…

  4. Bro B says:

    That billboard would be gotten rid of here in Florida borthas, I have been in this truth now for 7 years and if you tell one of these coons down here in certain cities like St.Petersburg or Tampa about a caucasian being an Edomite or about Slavery these niggers will go off on you like crazy, it has happened to me so many times over the years I have even been fired from jobs because coons made their masters get rid of me cause I am a racist? I never said anything about killing white people? how retarded is that ONLY the most High can do that, hell even my email has been tagged by the government and I gotta jump through hoops to open it ( I don’t care ) All I know is we are going in the right direction because soon we will be attacked physically because so much of Israel is married or sexing the Heathens, I feel like LOTT brothas and it is only going to get worse…ESPECIALLY from our own people because they love ESAU and his SIN MACHINE….SHALOM and keep up the needed work, I am not going to stop either…..SHALOM !!

  5. RaimYah says:

    All Praises ! This Truth is doing more than marching on…It is running over & Exploding

  6. Niecy says:

    The”Billboard” is beautiful. All Praises that our people will notice it and catch their interest to call and wake the(Children of Israel)up “TO THE TRUTH”. Blessings to I.U.I.C. FAMILY.


  7. Niecy says:

    The”Billboard” is beautiful. All Praises that our people will notice it and catch their interest to call and wake the(Children of Israel)up “TO THE TRUTH”. Blessings to I.U.I.C. FAMILY.


  8. Energia says:

    Beautiful, beautiful work! Excellent!! It’s a shame what people do to discredit the Word and to discourage our people from the Most High…and an even sadder fact is that this evil work WASN’T done just at the hands of whites. I know they have black atheists in their camp that have fallen for their trickery (I used to be an agnostic/atheist myself).

    You know it’s funny, atheists generally believe that the Bible is a “Bronze Age” book that holds no meaning in today’s society and white atheists are quick to use a so-called book of “ancient superstitions” as fodder to try and lead our people astray with slavery. Now my question would be if the Bible is simply an old book of “fairy tales”, then wouldn’t it make more sense to blame the PEOPLE BEHIND the book then the book itself? Atheists believe that having faith in a higher power removes a person from accountability, so then it would make much more sense to blame the slavery of our ancestors on the very people that used our book to commit cruelty, and WHO are these “people”? WHITE people and THAT’S what gets to them! They’ll tell a black person that they shouldn’t believe in the Almighty because He allowed slavery, but they’ll never admit and take active responsibility for the barbaric mess THEIR ancestors did to us (you know, taking personal accountability that the atheists love to talk about?)!!

    Don’t believe me? I found out long ago that no matter what political compass they’re on, whatever worldview they adhere to, white people will NEVER be straight-up on the real issues of slavery or anything else related to us.

    Keep doing the Most High’s work and NEVER stop listening to His voice 😀

  9. vernise burroughs says:

    Just want to say that most of the white people should be put to death as far as i am consern they are a very greedy people . Want to share my views .thanks vernise

  10. Kamar says:

    Shalom brothers thanks for doing this. The key is,to do those things that others will not expect. I Hope to see much more of this,in the future.

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