New School Project "The Vision"

12 thoughts on “New School Project "The Vision"

  1. Mehidah says:

    This website is honestly AMAZING! So Amazing! Keep up the GREAT work! MHNCBYa’ll. Shalom

  2. Raimyah says:

    Beautiful To See…Unity!

  3. Judith Baht Israel says:

    This was nothing less than a miracle, it bought me to tears. Build the Kingdom Israel, all praise be to the Most High. Awesome.

  4. Wow!! This Is Great IUIC…. All Praises To The Most High N Christ……. Blessings From Atlanta…..:-)

  5. Joy Lorraine says:

    This vision is a dream come true. I pray y’all can help us unite here in Detroit and expand your organization here like you did in Florida. How does this sound, “Israel United in Christ Detroit chapter.” Holla’ at us!

  6. Frances Horton says:

    Shalom ,

    I think that what is being done through this ministry is awesome. May the Most High continue to lead you in all you do .

  7. Sarah,s daughter says:

    Yes : Israel we can do it , with the Guidance of The Most High and Christ you have My Support, in helping Israel to keep moving Foward: Blessings

  8. Gabriel says:

    All praises when we put our mind to the most highs work who can stop us? Nobody! Good job peace.

  9. Ozias Ben Israel says:

    This slide show shows me the time and dedication it took for all my brethren to build this and now I have got to do all i can to keep it looking neat and tidy.

  10. Shanna says:

    Thanks for sharing photos of the hands on of completing the school. I especially liked the way you show the Israelite women and children looking comfortable. It may not seem like much but it’s a good example of how to dress and carry yourself while in class. Shalom Israel

    1. Shanna says:

      The school looks really nice. You did a great job! Shalom

  11. Gershon Ben Yisrael says:

    This is beautiful, “unity” thats only the beginning.

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