Elder Nathanyel

I’ve been in this truth for over twenty years and learned at the feet of the 7elders of Israel. I’ve seen many things in this walk, great things and bad things but they all played a part in molding me into who I am today. I’ve seen world scholars confounded by this truth, I’ve seen gangs of drug dealers either change or moved out the way, I’ve seen men on the bottom rise and become unrecognizable to who they once were.

I’ve seen greed, lust, hate and money tear a movement apart or so some thought….
This movement is according to prophecy, it can’t be stopped one man falls and two will rise in his place.  The Most High used me to establish “Israel United in Christ” but this movement is not about any organization but rather the resurrection of a nation; The 12 Tribes of the Nation of Israel.

My mission is to take this truth on a higher level and as professional as possible. I
struggled in teaching this truth for a long time and one day brothers and sisters sought me out, guided by the Spirit of the Almighty.
They wanted to know what I know see what I see in the word of God to make a
difference, to make a change. I told them like I tell you all, you want the Most High to use you come learn but know that the Lord will try you, he will make a man out you a woman out of you that will do our Israelite ancestors proud.

In the apocrypha; Ecclesiasticus 2:1 “My son, if thou come to serve the Lord, prepare thy soul for temptation.
[2] Set thy heart aright, and constantly endure, and make not haste in time of trouble.”

Like I said The Most High will try you, test you, to make you into an Israelite indeed. But if you ain’t built for this, you too weak, too evil then leave, good bye. Hide behind a computer or set up your own thing.  You must be a living example to the rest of our people I won’t say it’s easy but what revolution is ever easy?
This revolution is transforming boys into men, deadbeats into fathers and players into husbands. This revolution changes the Black and Hispanic man into the Israelite leader he is meant to be.

Elder Nathanyel

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  1. Shalom Elder, Beautiful Bio.. You Don’t Know Us Here In Atlanta, But We Know You, Thank The Most High That You Have Made Teaching Us Your Life, I Truly Don’t Know Where We Would Be Without The Teaching Of The Word Of The Most High N Christ Through IUIC….Thanks A million Times….MHNCB…..

  2. Joy Lorraine says:

    Shalom, Elder Nathanyel. I believe you to be THE one to reveal the secret of the Bible (decrypt it) and TRUELY filled with the Spirit of Christ. There are many groups out there pretending like they know, but they are really false prophets that come in Christ name (Mark 13:6). I spent 3 1/2 years studying the Bible along with Christian, American, World and Black Histories, and realized as I studied the Bible from beginning (Moses 4:6-7 to the end Rev. 1:15) that the Bible was talking about us. I was confused though, because I thought “if this is us, then who are they” and Elder Nathanyel spelled it out for. We need you and I PRAY that the MOST High God (I AM) continue to use you and keep you until His coming or further notice.

  3. Judah Mack says:

    I thank the MOST HIGH for raising up leaders in this truth that wont give up no matter who tries to hate leave or fail to believe. Elder Nathanyel has been a true guide for me and my family here in Louisville Ky. and we praise the MOST HIGH in CHRIST for putting the spirit on such a faithfull teacher. STAY STRONG IN THE LORD AND THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT!!!! All praises to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Shalom

  4. Karen Allen says:

    I would to attend your Saturday lesson on line.

  5. Pamela says:

    I believe

  6. remember me says:

    shalom to all my brother and sisters stay strong stay in this word.. we dont have long ……

  7. SynClair West says:

    Shalom Elder Nathaniel. I first saw you in the 12 Tribes break-down video how you and the Benjamite teacher were talking about the books “Lost Tribes and Promised Lands” and “From Babylon to Timbuktu”. I thank the Most High for using you, a man from the Tribe of Judah (Yehawadah), and your congregation to bring the Truth and only the Truth in the name of Yasha’AhaYah the Mesiyach.

    May you be blessed elder, Shalom.

    SynClair West a.k.a SynClair BenYamYan
    Tribe of Benjamin

  8. tracy says:

    Elder nathanyel the most high has truly bless u to be a messenger, to teach to isreal. The most high smile everyday when u teach his people bless brethren shalom.

  9. Israel says:

    Shalom Elder Nathanyel, before I say what it is that I have to say, I would like to qoute one of my favorite sayings I heard from you: “Theres a 800 pound Gorilla in a room full of midgets, WHO DO YOU DEAL WITH FIRST?!?!”Lol!! From you I learned to deal with the matter at hand, and recognize the true problem and fix it. This is why this congregation is where it is in the truth, The Men and Women understand the matter at hand is Who we are, Repentance, and faith in CHRIST. Through you I was shown everything else is secondary. You have been the Man I can come and speak to, a friend, Brother, Father, and my Teacher, and I thank you for that. All Praises to the MOST HIGH in CHRIST who raised your spirit up to complete the task you have been given. May the MOST HIGH in the name of the CHRIST Bless you and your family! Shalom

  10. BrothaJamal says:

    I wanna thank you for breaking down the scriptures on all your videos, i was goin down the wrong path and not doin right to my people.I knew i was israelite but no understanding of the scripures or the right precept upon precept juss wicked israelites teaching me nonsense perverting scriptures. Juss wanna say thanks for waking me up Shalom Most High In Christ Bless You

    1. Rod.El says:

      Well done Bro Jamal Keep the brothers Strong by Your change it gives them the strength to carry on.

  11. Rod.El says:

    Shalom Keep ever faithful whatever dung Esau may throw .
    A Crown awaits .
    Occupy till The Lord come
    No Surrender .
    Thank You Brother

  12. Z says:

    Thank you for telling the truth. God Guided me to your videos after I became increasing irritated with the lies taught in my college classes. I repeatedly told those closest to me how I hated learning the white-faced bullsh**. I would gather my strength in God and ask Him to guide me in my studies. I learned the truth through a gifted friend, that first told me about the Ethiopian Jews, and God Gave me more overtime. I started telling friends that Jesus was black and that the Bible was black; and sending out articles and videos supporting my claims. I too am gifted like my friend, and God has shown me many things. I am far from an abomination, and I will allow no man to take from me by word or by interpretation of the scriptures what God Has given me. You are Blessed my brother, and I will keep you in my supplications. I join you in God through Christ, my Lord and King. Like you I have been granted knowledge either directly by the Spirit or through His chosen through the Spirit. I cried out to God in my heart many times, because I hated the white-faced way; and God lifted up my head and revealed to me His Purpose. He told me that He was bringing our people back to Him, and that there were others that the truth was being revealed. Finding your sight is a welcomed confirmation. Thank you,

  13. vernise burroughs says:

    Have just read your bio and was verysuprised by all the replys that i just finshed reading today, yes i also grew up think about the bible and wether it was for me or my so called white christians thankyou for what you are doing for our people iam very much open to hearing more about the ministry . would like meet you and get to know the brothers . Shalom

  14. Bro B says:

    Shalom Elder Nathanyel, many negroes hate this truth, but that’s why they are negroes lol !!…They love the SIN and temporary comfort ESAU provides them, so “NO” this truth (although real) is not for them, let the N****RS, Knuckleheads and Grahamcrackers (my insult to Edomite lovers) fall through a manhole cover, it does not matter, this truth is REAL and UNSTOPPABLE. May the MOST HIGH keep you safe and separate from the wickedness of this Babylonian nation and may he shower you with more blessings than you can handle….SHALOM !!

  15. Patricia Munoz Tribe of Issachar says:

    Like your lessons very much I have a great Idea since you tube dont let you post or taking off your videos. You should make a couple of DVD’S COLLECTION so people that follow you could buy some so we wont lose our classes on A SABBATH DAY. I really like your teaching your bring up right on the point to everyone that needs to be said to. Thank you very much sabbath shalom. Keep on teaching the truth.

  16. Aaron Lawrence Tribe of Judah says:

    Shalom from North Carolina Elder Nathanyel and IUIC. I just want to thank you all for your patience and compassion with all of us. Especially, new people. I have been in the truth for only 5 months and I have been learning and sharing what I know with others. Some good expieriences and some bad. I just want to serve The Most High and Christ the best way I can. I really admire and respect IUIC because the way you guys keep the commandments, becasue alot of other camps that I have look to for guidence and understanding do not. However IUIC, I can see the passion that you have for our people and I share the same passion, I’m just not good at expressing it. Anyway, that is my rant. All praises to the Most High and than you again.

  17. lyfe allen-valcin says:

    Shalom, Brother Elderly Nathanyel, I really appreciate all the works you have done. Through your ministry I found out who I really am. I been 2 years strong in this truth and it has mold and brand me to be the Israelites woman I am today, all Glory to Yahuwah. I love your zeal for the word of God, and all your all heart and energy you put into bringing us back together as one nation. It’s sad but so true that here in Miami,Fl their is a lot of killing. We make A&E every episode. Our youngg generation in Miami are full of envy towards one another, and its sad that we dont have brothers like you down here to teach our boys how to be young men, but I do thank God for the impact that you have in many of our lives. And I pray that the father continue to lead you by his spirit day in and day out to bring us all back to him. All praises to Yahuwah who is faithful and true.

  18. Denise780 says:

    These are very exciting times in the (Israelite) world, in my life and the lives of my children. As a single mother, I’m so glad that the Most High has revealed the truth to me and I waste no time. Most of my days are spent in this truth studying the Word of the Most High as taught by Israel United in Christ, and handing these truths down to my two young sons and daughter. Thank Yah for gifting us with His Truth through you brothers. And I will be supporting this work as Yah enables me because it is dire that this truth is brought to all of our people. Yahweh’s face be upon you all and give you His favor and His shalom.

  19. Gavriel Ben Yisrael says:

    Shalom Ahch, you brothers are really repping the truth. Ive been watching your videos and studying on my own here, but I need some strength and knowledge from my fellow Yisraelite bruthas. Ever since I’ve came into the “TRUTH” Ive had a bunch of physical and spiritual warfare in my life and I could really use your guidance and help Ahch. Please get back A.S.A.P

  20. Twanna L Whiting says:

    Elder, it is a blessing to have found this truth! I’ve been searching a long time for real pastors/real teachers. I couldn’t prove it, but sum how I knew it was more to the bible, I just had a hard time understanding some things. Everytime I asked questions, i never got answers that made sense. I almost gave up in Feb of 2011, b/c I’ve tried searching on internet b4, but no real results. So, I decided to try one last time in 2011, I was curious about Christmas, & found truth on you tube, that vid led to other truth vids & some how, I ran across you on you tube & found out I am not African American, but a hebrew israelite!In my spirit immediately, I knew this was the truth I was looking for. I shared my info w/my husband & he recieved it immediately. We still have a lot work in our walk. we still need deliverance in some areas, but our eyes are open to the truth & what little we know, we share it. Thank you brother for your obedience in your calling. it’s a relief to actually have a teacher. we hate that you aren’t in our town! My husband is from New York & hates it, but we are looking forward to relocating, so we don’t always have to rely on web b/c this is how we get our teachings. We would love to be among other seasoned liked minded individ. We reside in Mississippi gulf coast. can u please recommend us to the nearest hebrew teaching center in mississippi, louisiana or florida that u know 4 fact teach the same truth u teach. thanks & shalom

  21. Gail Miller says:

    “You never get too old to learn” I have been under pagan teachings through generation. I have recently left the christian church. Now I can speak John 8:32 with greater freedom in my heart.

    Last year, I sent the Bishop an email asking, “is Living Faith Christian Center a 501(c)(3) Organization?” He did not answer my email. (4) Sundays after my sent email, he delivered a deceiving messsage titled “Let the church say amen” This message was in reference to my sent email. He was explaining to the congregaion that the church is not an organization, but an organism.I guess, he thought I was going to distort the congregation. In the same week, he responded to my
    “yes we are”. That day, I decided not to return.

    My son has been listening to the teachings of the deacons and you for a while. I have given him a hard time because we were on different believing on what scripture teaches. He encouraged me to look at the video titled “Your Pastor”. This teaching helped showed me that I was under the delusion of christianity. I have continously for (3) months viewing IUIC videos. My, my awesome teachings of scripture like never before. The history of slavery of the nation of Israel is a great start to understanding the Bible.

    Many thanks and praise to the Most High for using you and the Deacons to study and present His Word to the people as should be, in TRUTH!. This website is worth my donation. I would very much like to view more of those teachings and seek understaning that pertains to the Most High. This is my life, and I want to endure it knowing how to obey Him.


  22. sheba says:

    Elder Nathanyel is a true Spiritual Warrior. I am so proud of him. I’m from the east coast NY NJ but I live in San Diego CA and they need serious intervention here. Every black I see here is with a white or Mexican chic who thinks she’s white. They teach their kids to reject “black ” peoples. The rest of the black n brown men are gay and hostile toward Hebrew women. Its really a circus out here. My child’s school also has a gay Christian group that interacts w the children 3 or more days a week. Openly flamboyantly gay young black Hispanic males. Its scary.is there a camp in San Diego?

  23. Inga7 says:

    Thank you Sir, for everysacrifice you’ve made by the grace of God to accomplish the heart beat of the Most High. Someone has to stand up, why not you. It’s truly amazing to see the hand of God working in the earth, but even better to seek the face of God while he may be found. Narrow is the Way and few that be that walk this path of Truth. Again, thank you and may the Most High continue to lead you always.

    Faithfully submitted,

    Sis. Smith

  24. KIm says:

    Shalom Elder Nathanyel!

    I am so grateful to be learning the Truth! What I have been learning from you and the brethren is more than I anticpated and have set a fire in me to want to learn more!

    I thank the Most High and Christ for awaking me!


  25. SOLOMON says:


  26. Zacharias Ben Judah says:

    Being from the tribe of Judah is the greatest gift of god, greater than any winning power ball lottery ticket!
    Why? From Hebrews, we know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ sprang from the Tibe of Judah!

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