Elder Kani Gabar

Shalom Israel

who am I? I’m the brother who fits the curses in Deuteronomy 28:15-68 & Joel 3:6. I’m a person that has had the veil of religion, politics and cares of this world removed. I can see clearly what the will of God is and can expound on it with the Bible. I’m a man that will stand with you if your ready to labor for the kingdom. I’m a husband of seventeen years and a father of ten children. I’m a work in progress but standing firmly on the foundation of Christ, with a sound mind ready to defend God’s word. I’m a leader sent to help lead Gods people back to his commandments and to strengthen their faith in Christ. I’m a life long student willing to humble to the obedience of the scriptures in all things. I’ve been in the truth 17 years and by the Spirit of Most High and Christ I have had the opportunity to learn under Elder Nathanyel (one of Israel’s great teachers). Ive seen a lot over the years, some bad some good, But one things for sure, “the only way to see the kingdom of God is by the keeping of the commandments and faith in Christ.” Revelations 22:14, Matthews 19:17.Who am i? I’m a Israelite born for only one purpose to fear God and to keep his commandments. Now the question is, who are you?

Rise Israel, for the kingdom of heaven is yours!


Kani Gabar of the Tribe of Benjamin

6 thoughts on “Elder Kani Gabar

  1. All Praises!! “The House Of Tedra” Will Always Be Grateful To The Most High For Your Spirit….Shalom….

  2. Judah Mack says:

    All praises to the MOST HIGH GOD. This bother is an always open ear and a wise instructor. Elder Kani you are a true soldier in this truth and i thank The Father for allowing me to be connected with your family. You have proven that you will ride across the country to hold up just a few faithfull brothers and we thank THE MOST HIGH for the spirit HE put in this brother…STAY STRONG IN THE LORD AND THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT!!!

  3. yosef x says:

    praise God

  4. yosef x says:

    im from manessah and judah shalom

  5. Israel says:

    I thank the MOST HIGH in the name of CHRIST for you Sir. The MOST HIGH used you to straighten me out, and to become the man I am required to be. You, Your Family have played a huge part in the development of me and my family, and I thank the Father to know you and call you my Brother. I pray the MOST HIGH preserves you to continue to guide this congregation in righteousness. I Love you Brother and may the MOST HIGH in the name of the CHRIST bless you and your glorius family. Shalom!!

  6. Denise780 says:

    All praises to the Most High for your laboring in the vineyard and for your continued dedication to spreading this gospel of truth to Israel brother. Continue on in this good work. Shalom.

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