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Shalom. I’m Deacon Yawasap of Israel United in Christ. My Goal in this Truth is to be instrumental in The Lord’s Vineyard in resurrecting the true Israelites from the state of mental / spiritual bondage and ignorance and exploitation, and leading them to the true Leader of our people which is Christ.
I’ve always hated the wretched condition of a people (my people) who I know to be absolutely the greatest people to ever place their feet on this planet.
To know that whenever we decide to get serious about achieving something that we as a people want; and then achieve it; I realize that there is no power that can stop us. and to mention also, … God is on OUR side.
Once we as a people realize this, and return unto God and Christ, all of our problems end right there. So what’s holding us back? Answer: a destroyed mind and spirit, and unrepentance.
If I can be instrumental in restoring LIFE into my people, especially those who I am in contact with each day, then will I begin to rejoice because I see progress.

Sometimes it can be a very difficult task especially when its family and people you’ve known almost all of your life… and you may, while in the process of trying to show them the way HOME, suffer some loss. Its all worth it if you are instrumental in rescuing another soul / spirit from ignorance and mental death… By which the Holy bible refers to us as the “dead Israelites”.

That would suffice my reason why I was born and is alive in the earth. I will never feel satisfied and completely whole until Jerusalem (the True Israelites)is a praise in the earth.


6 thoughts on “Deacon Yawasap

  1. Love The Bio, Deacon….Honor To You…MHNCB….

  2. Judah Mack says:

    All praise to THE MOST HIGH GOD. Thank you for pushing us to understand who we are Deaoon Yawasap. I see the passion for your Israelite brothers in your teachings every week and as a REPENTING Israelite I thank you brother. MOST HIGH IN CHRIST BLESS YOU for your lobor and spirit. STAY STRONG IN THE LORD AND THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT!!!!

  3. Sis Ahshiyah from House of Raimyah says:

    A Father to the fatherless, he breaks it down to common folks, just love the teachings. Israel rise

  4. Denise780 says:

    An honorable Bio Brother and thank you so much for the way that you have dedicated your life to the work and blessed teachings of the Most High. You are indeed a powerful teacher and servant of the Most High and I encourage you to continue in the work to which the Most High has called you to do. Shalom.

  5. MIchael Brantley says:

    shalom brother do you have an email for questions

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