Deacon Aithan

I’ve been in this truth for about eight years; the first three years when I gained knowledge of being an Israelite, thats ALL I really knew. I had one foot in the world, and one toe in the bible. A year or so later, I was blessed to meet a brother that was knowledgeable in things concerning what an Israelite was required, and commanded to do. As time went on, it ended up being three of us, and we wanted, and needed MORE.

We searched for teachers all around, but were unsuccessful. Then one day, we came across a brother, Elder Nathanyel, that revealed to us with much understanding, and proof–precept upon precept–the TRUE definition, of what it meant to learn, conduct, and apply ourselves, to be REAL MEN of the Most High God in Christ, not only by example, but according to scripture. We’ve been here ever since. Lord’s Will, my goal, is to one day help bring a righteous change to the hearts, minds, and souls of our people, in the spirit of the Most High in Christ.

I hope to one day become a wise, merciful, and austere leader, as Christ was, and is, and EXPECTS US to be, for my people. I will continue to teach my wife, and raise our children to be the same way, that they may be able to teach, whether by word, or example. I hope to be the light that shines in this dark place (Mt.5:14-16), as Christ was, and I was blessed to find the right place to do it.


Deacon Aithan

6 thoughts on “Deacon Aithan

  1. Judah Mack says:

    ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH GOD. Line upon line, precept upon precept you have really helped me and my brothers down here in Louisville, Ky learn what it means to walk in the ways of truth AND to understand and apply what we learn. You are a true rider in my book brother. You go hard and it shows. All PRAISES…STAY STRONG IN THE LORD AND THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT!!!

  2. Much Love To You From The “House Of Tedra” In The Atl…We Love The Way You Teach And We are Grateful To The Most High For You All……

  3. Aithan says:

    We appreciate you all being apart of the family and hope that you continue to remain with us, in keeping this truth going until the very end

  4. Eli Issachar says:

    That’s Right!

  5. Denise780 says:

    Shalom ! I believe it was….Hummm… “Stop and Frisk Wicked Negroes” Yes!! That was it brother that was the first time that I had seen you brothers teach, you deacon, where teaching and I remember the authority that you and the other brothers exuded. I encourage you to continue to labor in this work. I appreciate you brothers. The Most High is using you all to teach the gospel the way it was meant to be presented. I have seen you brothers stand against crowds unflinching where most others would have cowered and backed down. But you all stand on the Word of the Most High and I admire you for that. May the Most High continue to give you and your family His favor and His shalom!

  6. Issachar Ben Israel says:

    Truth! Wake up Israel!

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