Sealed Marriage in Writing

The marriage certificate actually has it’s origin in our history. It was a record kept by parents and later kept by government’s i.e. Rome. Government kept it for census reasons.
Tobit 7:13: ” Then he called his daughter Sara, and she came to her father, and he took her by the hand, and gave her to be wife to Tobias, saying, Behold, take her after the law of Moses, and lead her away to thy father. And he blessed them;”
14: “And called Edna his wife, and took paper, and did write an instrument of covenants, and sealed it.

Ecclesiasticus 36:24 “He that getteth a wife beginneth a possession, a help like unto himself, and a pillar of rest.”

Ecclesiasticus 42: 7 Deliver all things in number and weight; and put all in writing that thou givest out, or receivest in.

So any brother that does not want written proof that a sister is his possession is playing games. He refuses written proof she is his wife. Beware.

Let me add that brothers should register themselves as marriage officiants in your towns city hall. It’s simple, easy and better than using a justice of the peace or Christian minister to stand over you and speak some nonsense then you repeat some non sense. Lol. Now all that is done is dad signs as an officiant, couple signs, and a witness (mom) finished.
Couple gets a copy and city hall gets a copy for law purposes.

This record benefits both husband and wife in terms of death benefits, insurance, social security, property ownership etc.
According to law unless you have this record of marriage or a living will, all such benefits goes to either the next of kin or the state.

5 thoughts on “Sealed Marriage in Writing

  1. AUSTINE says:

    this page is nice

  2. Yasa says:

    how about us that have the worldly certifcate

    1. Elder Nathanyel says:

      It’s fine, that worldly certificate is based upon Israelite law, the difference is our parents wrote, sealed and kept the record of marriage but today America does it.
      I’m going to add on this report regarding marriage officiants, you can marry your own and just let America keep the record.

      1. Yasa Ben Israel says:

        Thanks Elder Nathanyel

  3. basil says:

    Nehemiah 7:5 we had a register that determined genealogy. Which is a legal binding document. You are right its so simple to do.

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