Deacon Malachiyah

I’m Deacon Malachiyah, a messenger of YHWH. I am the youngest of all the Deacons in the truth but I let no man despise my youth. I have been learning and laboring in this truth for over 7 years and still learning. I am from the tribe of Benjamin; my goal in the truth is to become seasoned and strong to teach my fellow tribesmen in each of the islands. That’s a lot of work because there are a lot of islands in the Caribbean.

I pray to become an evangelist and set up different churches just like the apostle Paul did if it’s the Lords will. That’s not an easy thing. It’s more than just teaching men scriptures; it’s leading by example and always have a plan of action. A leader must be proactive opposed to reactive. Guiding a man to first clean his own life up and then his wife and kids. Establishing a working network for Israel to grow. But for now I am in mystery Babylon ravening the truth like a wolf. Run for safety all you that do evil.


Deacon Malachiyah

5 thoughts on “Deacon Malachiyah

  1. Judah Mack says:

    Shalom Deacon MHNCB!! Thank you for your labor in this truth and your spirit out on these streets. I recognize you as a rider and soldier out here spreading the truth. I pray the Most High blesses you with the ability to go take it to the Islands and wake our brothers up there. But dont leave to soon cause we still need you in Babylon for a minute. STAY STRONG IN THE LORD AND THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Israel In Atlanta Loves You And Thanks The Most High For You…..

  3. Jerol of ISSACHAR says:

    We hear you from TEXAS. Keep the good work up achs. I’m going to be street teaching soon. RISE ISRAEL.

  4. Denise780 says:

    Shalom Deacon MalachiYah, I just wanted to come on and encourage you to continue in the Work of the Most High. He had indeed gifted you with an honorable work and I know that you will see it throught to completion. Shalom!!!

  5. Renee says:

    Ament Deacon! I pray that, if it be yahawah’s will, that your mission prosper and many in the islands are saved. I too am of the tribe of Benjamin and have been following IUIC’s video blogs, street teachings and have registered for the online classess. God be praised in all your efforts in this mission in IUIC.


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