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Shalom and Greetings to the Twelve Tribes Scattered abroad throughout the four corners of the earth. My Name is Deacon Abbayael of Israel United in Christ , a proud laborer of the MOST HIGH’s Vineyard. When coming into the Truth, I changed my name when I put away the old Man and became a new creature in the Lord Jesus the Christ. At that point, is when I realized the spiritual war waged against GOD’s people the children of Israel, and the duty of every GOD fearing Israelite Man and Woman. I have seen my share of small and great men fall due to the cares of this present world, as well as the Rise of the LORD’s Shepherds and Laborers of His Flock.

We as Repented Israelites in Christ MUST accept and take charge of our duties as Believers and spread GOD’s WORD by any means necessary. I, as well as the men I fellowship with here at Israel United Christ Lead by example, and are subject to the troubles of the flesh just as any other man or woman. We use the scriptures and not our Carnal minds to guide us in the path of Righteousness and Truth as the LORD Commanded. Against all odds, many of us have lost family, friends, jobs, and gained many enemies because of our faith in CHRIST; yet and still we stand in the fear of the MOST HIGH without wavering as our forefathers who feared the LORD did.

You who are descendants of the slave trade, so called Negro’s, Hispanic’s, and Native American Indians Spread throughout the EARTH…..You are the Israelites the BIBLE speaks of. The bible told us that we were going to be in the present conditions that we are in today if we didn’t abide in the Commandments of OUR GOD the GOD of Israel (Deuteronomy the 28th Chapter). GOD told us that if we broke his laws that he would put us through slavery, and send us away on ships, and that we would be sold to, and have to serve our enemies as slave men and slave women.

The GOOD News/Gospel is that the GOD of Israel will Redeem His Sheep the Israelites and restore the Kingdom to Israel. Our Patience and Faith in this Captivity is to keep the Commandments of GOD and have Faith in his SON the CHRIST (Revelations 14:12). If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. May the MOST HIGH in the Name of the CHRIST bless you and guide you, and increase your minds in understanding as well as ours.

~Deacon Abbayael~

7 thoughts on “Deacon Abbayael

  1. Judah Mack says:

    ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH GOD. Brother your example pushes me to be a better father and teacher to my family. Seeing you teach and interact with your children is the example that our dead in the SPIRIT brothers need. You are in the SPIRIT everytime i see and talk to you and it helps me to stay in the SPIRIT also. THE MOST HIGH has raised up a giant in you and I thank HIM for it. Plus your a rider..STAY STRONG IN THE LORD AND THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT!!!

  2. Raimyah says:

    Judah is No Doubt in The Building !


  4. Brother BEAR says:

    LOve you my brother.May god bless you in the path he has placed in your life..

  5. ria sonny says:

    I was told that there could be a church or gathering here in Tampa. If this is correct can I please get info on days/times so that I may attend. If I was miss informed, i guess you can disregard. Thank you and have a blessed 1.

  6. Denise780 says:

    Shalom Deacon Abbayael, I just finished watching a teaching that you and Elder Kani entitled “So You Negroes Want to be Africans” That was my first time seeing you teach and I want to encourage you as I have the other brothers to continue in this work that the Most High has called you to do. It is glorious to see honorable brothers like yourself and Israel United in Christ standing firm on the commandments of the Most High. May the Most High give you His favor and His shalom!

  7. Renee says:

    I do have a question Deacon Abbayael….I am not clear on what my role as an Israelite woman is. I am a mother of one and have done my best to change according to the laws of the most high and make haste in doing so to the best of my ability with regard to knowing and understanding the law and my limited finances as a single mom on welfare. I am greatful to have been exposed to this site and its mission because I have been praying for this type of understanding and searching the scriptures for a while. The storm “sandy” that just hit you guys seemed to shut down the online classes, but I have registered. Please let me know what else I can do to teach my daughter what’s right and be a great example to her. Thank you and the other brothers of IUIC for your sacrifices and effort in the name of the Most High.


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