Deacon Labachaa

Shalom. I’m Deacon Labachaa and I give myself to learning the laws of the most high
and meditate there in to teach my people Israel on a higher level. This one thing I can
share with you brothers and sisters, the word of the Most High is more than Esau, Esau,
and Esau. It’s about being renewed in your mind. A man that can’t change to the image God meant for him to be is destined to die.

I thank the Most High God for the fellowship with the brothers in Israel united in Christ,I have grown in the faith to that of a deacon and it’s both an honor and a great responsibility. To be among these great men in Israel United in Christ is a blessing to me.

I have watched these men and know them, that they keep the commandments in the faith of Christ. There mind is according to my mind because I see the vision these brothers have in Israel, to gather all the tribes of Israel. To establish working congregations in every state every city. For Israel to have its own school programs, stores, jobs and so forth. For Israel to be self sufficient if it be the Lord’s will and to care for and to teach our children and to be able to take this truth to the next level. Lord will.


Deacon Labachaa

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Judah Mack

Shalom Deacon MHNCB!! You inspire me to keep the commandments of God everytime you teach. One thing I know is that you are not playing when it comes to serving the Most High. Thank you for the zeal that you put out for this truth. It helps us brothers out here to push harder and be accountable for our actions. Plus you are rider and we appreciate you down here in Louisville Ky. You go hard!! STAY STRONG IN THE LORD AND THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT!!!!!!

I’ve been watching you teach for the past two months, I feel compelled to let you know that listening to you is like drinking spiritual water. You are shining bright, the room always illuminates when ever you are around and all I see is light all around you. You are highly profound. Listening to you is like listening to Christ. If a brother or sister doesn’t repent after hearing you, they are not honest and sincere in serving the Most High and Christ. All the years I’ve been in Israel, you are the best I’ ve encountered of them all.… Read more »

Your commitment is respected .
Our People waist too many opportunities , thinking there are none .

All Praises to the Most High! Deacon LaBaccha, you are such a powerful and inspirations brother. Each and everytime I hear you teach, it compels me to press harder towards the mark of the High Call in Christ Jesus. I viewed the street teaching on “Some people have the spirit of Satan” and the young lady was ready soil for the planting of the seed of Truth, until that gentleman came up and added his two-worthless-cents (satan) and stole the word immediately that was being planted in her heart. Your delivery is so powerful and you can tell that you… Read more »
Bro B


Shalom Deacon LaBaccha , I praise the most high for you and the power and authority with which you deliver the gospel of the Most High. The way that you compel Israel to submit to the commands of the Most High is truly nothing short of amazing. The Spirit of the Most High is definately within you. And when you speak your words are those of wisdom and all who love wisdom will hear your words. I admire the way that you spare not and speak the truth no matter how the lost try to kick up against it. May… Read more »
Gabriel Israel

All praises to the Most High & Christ for this mighty deacon who is set up over us in Chicago. This brother leads by example and is mighty in the spirit of Christ. Shalom Deacon Labachaa a.k.a THE HAMMER

Eli Ben Issachar

Deacon Labachaa “the Hammer!!!” Shalom MHNCB

Issachar Ben Israel

The time is almost up…….Da’ Hammer!

Israel United In Christ
Israel United in Christ, inc. was founded in 2003. Our goal is to change the hearts and minds of our people. Blacks and Hispanics must learn the truth that they are the Biblical 12 tribes of the nation of Israel.
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